Can I use higher charge voltage when using balance board?

Hello, I have made a custom 8s4p battery pack and connected a balance board to each cell in series that will start to balance the battery cells when they reach 4.2v. I was going to use a 33.6v charger, but am now wondering if I should use a 36v charger so that the batteries charge to a little higher voltage that then will be balanced / discharged with the balance board. Would this be okay for me to do?

I would not considering that a 10s charger is not made for an 8s battery. It’s best to stay at the series and charge voltage.

No, don’t do that. It’s dangerous.

Use an 8S / 33.6V charger.

Also a 36V charger isn’t 36V. It’s either 42.0V, 43.2V, or 43.8V

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Sorry, I meant to say power supply, not charger, so the output voltage will probably be 36v. Would this still be dangerous?

Yes. Do not not charge it at more than 33.6V.

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