Can I use mountain board wheels on caliber trucks?

I’m building a second esk8 board but I think the drop through on my rayne nemesis is too low. I’m thinking of using 7" wheels (just like the ones on mountain boards). will it fit this kind of setup?

here you can see that the mount and motor are already too close to the board. I’m thinking if I use bigger wheels, I can still adjust the motor mounts away from the board but still high enough clearance from the ground.

will i get wheel bite if I use 7" wheels on the caliber trucks or do I need to switch to trampa trucks?

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You’ll either need a different deck with more wheel clearance or much wider trucks. Most decks are not designed for 7" wheels.

yeh you will probably need to ‘shave off’’ some metal around the trucks to even expose axle enough to mount them.

Consult with @Maxid I think he has went deep into this topic.

Most (if you find a different one let me know) hubs out there don’t have the required bearing to bearing distance of just 24mm (7mm+10mm+7mm) that longboard wheels typically have. Depending on the bearing to bearing distance in the hub you use (trampa has 34mm if I remember correctly) you would need to either cut the hanger or extend the axle. All this was reason for me to design 3D printed hubs for 6inch pneumatics.

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Thanks @Maxid @treenutter and @Okami for the replies.

I think ill just change to a board with no drop through, would be so much easier to fix my problem :slight_smile:

If I change wheels, need to change trucks. If i change trucks, need to change motor mounts, then the belts and pulleys.

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I have looked for a thread on these. I’m interested in how they hold up.

I have not ridden them

The answer to your question is here:

Some more good info here, if someone dares to go through all the dicussion:

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@psychotiller Some good info, which you posted there!

I dont get why dont you ask @mmaner a permission, to post some of his build pictures on your website… :wink:

Seems like your website could use some more images from the forum / builds people have done, unless all the traffic to your site goes from this forum anyways, with people who have seen the builds already

Othwerise I think some lurking strangers accidentally finding your website might miss option to truly see the nice solution / parts you offer there :wink: (and more importantly, to see how they look once installed and used and that you got quite a good amount of clients anyways)…

Just some tips I see I would implement If I would be running the page, no offense :slight_smile:

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Pics are there. Hard to find I agree. Lots of build threads though! Lots of info out there that has been lost in the shuffle.

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@psychotiller Feel free, no worries here brother.

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