Can I use older laptop cells with new cells of the same type?

Found 8 Samung icr18650-26C cells in a old laptop battery, can I combine those with some new cells of the same type to save that $$$ ?

Those cells aren’t great for e-skate’s, Only 5amp draw per cell. Mixing old and new cells is risky for minimal gain at the best of times.

I would have to run a bunch in parallel in order to get the desired amperage correct?

yes - and they are only 2200mAh anyway so they won’t give much range. They;re old so they won’t have that capacity anymore. If you do discharge tests you’ll probably find several failed cells. 4 in parallel only gives 20 amp max draw. not great.

What’s generally a good amperage for a eboard, and is higher the amps the better? If so I was looking at these.

Because I wouldn’t be doubling the mah, (too expensive) would the high amount of amps help the range?

No…the range is determinated by the voltage and the capacity…just multiply…3.2V * 2.6Ah = 8.32 Wh which gives you about 8km…if you will have 12 of these in series it would give you 100Wh which can give you about 10km…

The amps says how much can you draw from the battery, if you have just 5A laptop battery you wont be able to get much power from it, becuase the battery would get hot and maybe explode…But if you use the LiFe, LiPo or high discharge LiIon battereis you can draw much more amps and the battery will be safer and you will get more power…

10S4p laptop battereis pack would give you 10 * 3,7V * 5A * 4 = 740W 10S4P High dischage Samsung 20R battereis would output maximum of 10 * 3,7V * 20A * 4 = 2960W

Makes a lot of sense. Thank you for clarifying that. So generally higher amps is better for the electronics and the torque? Does it affect the top speed and range of the board though?

if you will have lower Amps rating your batteries will experience so called voltage sag…that means that they loos their capacity much quicker than expected so their voltage drops significantly…if you would try to ride a hill it would drain all energy from your batteries (in case they wouldnt explode due to overheat)

Max amp rating doesnt affect any of that if you drain your batteries in allowed reasonable values…however if you drain your batteries more than you should (if you exceed the max amps) you will experience the voltage sag and serious drop in range…

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