Can I use this BMS?

Hello. Can I use this BMS for 10S LiPo setup or is the over charge detection voltage with 4.25V to hight for LiPo? Also what does the over charge release voltage means?

I used a cheap 20 bucks BMS from Aliexpress and it stopped working after two full charges. Sad because it workes great in the beginning and was good enough for my needs, but if they don´t last, its waste of money. I should have bought a good one from the beginning.

Can someone please explain this specification for me, so that I understand it and can decide for the right BMS. As I understand for LiPo it should stop charging at 4.2V and should stop discharging at 3.00V or higher. Is it the detection or the release voltage?

-Over charge detection voltage

-Over charge release voltage

-Over discharge detection voltage

-Over discharge release voltage

read the datasheet for your battery match it to the datasheet for your BMS, done

Thanks. I have this one It doesn´t say anything in the datasheet. Just wondering what the difference is between detection and release voltage and also if 4.25V is too high for over charge detection.

google gives the answer faster then i can type this, try it sometime, its great. its :wink: Detection voltage is where your protection kicks in and release voltage is where it starts to allow it to flow again. (after protection trigger)

Thanks mate.