Can I use VESC with absolute encoders? BiSS-C?


I’m going to use VESC for my application. It’s not a skateboard, it is a sim wheel, but it also uses a BLDC motor.

The thing is the motor I found comes with a BiSS-C encoder. I couldn’t find any information saying that VESC supports such encoder, or that they don’t. VESC forums have not been very responsive, unfortunately.

Does the hardware support it? If so, even if I need to make my own firmware, I’d be willing to go that path. But I need to know first if that’s even possible.

Thanks ,


Welcome. I have no idea what all that means but I’m 98.6% sure it’ll work. Vescs capabilities are pretty broad. Someone else will chime in for you though. And same experience with vesc forum, takes months to get a look.