Can I wire my setup like this?

My question being, if my two batteries are being wired in series, but I am charging them as parallel, will they try to charge the other pack since they are technically wired to each other? I forgot to add in my anti spark connector, I’m guessing the best place for that would be on the positive lead of the series connection. I’m trying to make this so I don’t have to plug or unplug anything to charge.

Assuming you charge only one at a time (or with two completely different chargers, yes. If you try to plug both those charge plugs into the same charger, you’ll create a short.

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Seems legit.

similar set up. i use antispark key to separate the 2 packs

Yeah, there are sneaky ways to get around the problem. Several clever members here have come up with ways to separate the packs with a loop key so they can be charged in parallel and discharged in series like @702vegas said. Can’t be arsed to go digging for the relevant thread right now, but it’s out there.

You can also get clever with diodes to prevent unwanted current flow, but then you have to compensate for the diodes’ forward voltage drop when charging, and that just makes things more complicated, especially with “dumb” smart chargers like the imax b6 or similar that can’t be tweaked extensively.