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Can it climb? - Settings and Specs

Hills seem to be the ultimate testing ground for finding an eboards limits.

Lets see your success and more importantly, your failures. Just what does it take to move a 200lb mass up a 20% grade?

Shaky, grainy and improvised… I need @RunPlayBack

single 3200 watt motor / 200 kv
12s6p 18650 25r battery pack
16/36 tooth
90mm abec wheels
VESC - 80/80 - motor/battery max


That’s impressive!
Where did you get the 3100w motor?
What is its KV ratting?

Thanks @Namasaki I knew I would forget something!

It is a 200 kv motor available from Maytech. The next size up from the tacon 160.


thats some gorgeous scenery to ride in. Im usually in the forest preserves. basically looks like a jungle or wide open fields with asphalt roads lol we have no mountains or any considerable hills so climbing isnt a huge problem with me.

What’s the part number on that Maytech motor? I’m on their site ow looking around, they have a lot to choose from.

This one would be interesting to use 7,860W

I think the part number is MTO6374-200-G

Let me know if you decide to order from them I was planning on getting a few and maybe doing a group order. If we get 20 they can have the factory that makes them key the shaft for us.

I’d be in for one of those. Sounds like it’s time for another group buy thread!

Definatly a long uphill climb. How steep was it?
Charging up a short hill is one thing.
Charging up a hill that long is something else all together!

Wow! You’re running this on 12s? The specs say it only goes up to 10s. So it’s pretty much the Enertion R-spec 2.0, but a 6374 and a 10 mm shaft at probably half the cost?

That sounds enticing. I might be up for a couple or four of these if you do that.

What really drew my attention was the high performance red. lol

Their site is hard to use. I think i came across that model in the search results but something is wonky on their site so i couldn’t click through to the product for details.

They run on an 8mm shaft.

They told me it would run fine at 12s :ok_hand:

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@chaka what’s your belt width on that build?

I’d be interested in one of these (especially if it has a keyway). I have an Enertion motor mount not doing anything useful at the moment. Price?

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It looks like a 20% grade.

No joke, 20% is steep!

@chaka do this guy a favour & tell him honestly how much the samples cost you… don’t forget to include shipping…

Meanwhile anyone wants the best eboard motors, with warranty, pre-customized shaft for esk8 & instock ready for immediate world-wide shipping (free if you order over $300AUD) just let me know…

Anyway… maytech are rubbish… they aren’t even motor manufactureers, all they do is resell cheap motors, at an inflated price, that they got made in some sweet shop. right?


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Hey @onloop maytech motors are OK, they suffer the same problems of any other motor inches from the pavement.

Since you decided to post in this thread maybe you can do some sustained hill-climbing and contribute with a video? It would be interesting to see what you can manage.

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Nice. U should do a vesc readout overlay! How do u do that? I’d like to.

What the 80/80 mean?

NOTE: all same video, but each link takes you to the correct time!

this hill is maybe just 10%, but very long.

this is another angle of the same hill.

this is probably the steepest (doesn’t look it) hill on that particular day… the single motor was struggling… the dual ate it up.