Can lipo's have stuff

I am aware of what 10 s 3p means 10 cells in series and 3 in parallel. My only question is can they have that with a lipo. The rc batteries are claiming they have 2s 3p on hobby king’s website. Can lipo’s like that be mixing their parallel and series cells? Also, what should I be paying attention to when doing looking at the lipo’s the MAH?

I’l let @Namasaki handle this

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lol thanks bro.

check out his thread. it should answer all the questions you have


I‘m not sure if I understood everything because the question is written a bit strang, but i‘ll try it non the less :sweat_smile: So first yes you can put also lipos in parallel. If you look on hk there even pre made packs they sell as 2s2p or 4s2p. If you add pack in parallel take care that they match each other. Voltage, capacity and best also international resistance.

According to your question which mAh you should have a look for. Easy, the one which fit your need. The bigger, the more heavy but also more range you can get out of them. More attention you should pay to the C- rating of the lipos. Even if the c-rating is no standard it is usually a good indicator for how much you can discharge your packs. The smaller mAh the packs the higher you should choose the c-rating. C-Rating from 40-70 is usually a good value for packs from 3000mAh up. If you want to stick with hk lipos, look for the graphens. I personally don’t have them, but some other guys here and there only good reviews so far I know.

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@Andy87 ok do you know of any sites that are good for lipo’s or single cells?

Hobbyking is already a good source. You can have a look and google for tattu lipos. They made for high drain applications but more expensive.

And because I think I read this somewhere in your question. The S in the lipo pack says how high is the voltage. 1s is 3.7V so 2s 7.4V and so on. The mAh tells you how much capacity the cells have.

Inside that lipo is a stack of prismatic pouches. For this particular one, there would be six pouches with thier tabs crimped in a 2S3P configuration.

This is what a single prismatic pouch looks like: image

And now you know why lipos all look like bricks.


In terms of working with lipos. The S matters for voltage. The P less so.
P is mostly used to determine the capacity in li ion packs because the capacity in each cell is standardized Because lipos don’t have standardized capacity what you should look for is mAh on the lipo packs.

For reference, 30q cells are rated for 3000 mAh. a 12s4p pack will be 12000 mAh and 50.4 volt charged.

A similar capacity setup with lipo could be achieved by using 4 of these:

And wiring them up in the 12s2p config giving you 12400 mAh

When comparing a lipo to an 18650 pack, all that matters is the S count, the Ah capacity, and the charge / discharge capability.

Realistically, we shouldn’t be using a “12S2P” naming convention, we’d be much better served by a “12S8Ah” type system. But that’s for a different thread.

Anyways, just pay attention to the capacity, series count, and current capabilities. With that information, lipos and lions are fundamentally interchangeable.


To your original question, yes. You can buy packs with parallel groups, or with out them, for example you could buy a 2s1p, or 2s2p…etc. Also, the more mAh, the more range

Are these always this expensive? like $50 for a 5s battery pack. Therefore if I wanted 10s it is $100?

$100 is downright cheap for a 10S battery.

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True. However turnigy 5s 40c 5000 mAh lipos are $35 US from Hobbyking

But you need 4 of them :rofl:

Or two and get 10 miles of range

True that, but 10 miles is usually just a tad short

15 would be a lot better and 20 is good 30 is too heavy

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Lipos have a huge range of quality \ discharge rating. For example anything with “graphene” is going to cost an arm and a leg. Biggest difference is the discharge rate. If you are getting a big battery however it doesn’t really matter that much as our Vesc can’t really handle the amount of amps lipos can put out.

To calculate amps C x mAh = Amps output So a 16000mAh battery at 12c will have a rating of 192 amps, enough to run dual on even vesc 6 which is rated at 80 amps. Keep in mind the really cheap stuff often have inflated C rating

These are pretty economical choices, I personally haven’t used multistar but my turnigy packs had been reliable and good to me:

Is actually very economical.

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I would advise against the multistars. Multiple people on here have said they are bad quality and have a extremely inflated c rating.

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Yes and no to the point with the graphens. At the moment you can get them on hk for cheap, like 85€ for a 6s 6Ah pack. The other thing is, you need to look on the long term. If treated right Graphen lipos have shown to hold there capacity up to 500 or more charge cycles. If you get a lipo which is half the price but after 100cycles only holding half of the original capacity you not gonna win with it.