Can lipo's have stuff

HRB they are OK they are amazing, best choice I believe (True Spec Premium 22.2V 7400mAh 149Amps/90C with G10 plates)

Turnigy Heavy duty and Zippy Compact are OK

Turnigy Graphene are great

I always choose 6s and high C rating, above 50 always… Higher C and mAh, better performance…




That’s my suggestion, P doesn’t matter like you indicated, only the overall capacity of the P groups and the overall amp output of the cells combined in a P group. Old laptop cells with 4A max, 12P sounds great until you find out it’s not 30Q 12P, it’s some other low discharge 12P.

2S45Ah108A instead of 2S18P for example?

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Yeah, it’s definitely a more accurate distinction, however a little convoluted… Personally I’ll only ever specify my packs ratings like that.

if your getting your batteries for less then 100 that’s great…I just did a 10s 1p pack with lipos…had a 36v 4000Mah battery…here is your outcome…you may get 5 miles of range out of a set up like this but if you go as fast as you can youll blow through your power. I intend to make my next battery and board a lot bigger. point is don’t skimp on the battery…if you can afford a lithium ion pack go for it…don’t use lipo unless your experienced.