Can lipos take any pressure from human weight?

So I am getting closer to finishing my CNC milled veneer board, with hollow slots for batteries. I made a fiber glass lid yesterday, but it doesn’t really have much if any strength on stopping the weight force of me from being exerted onto the batteries. There is a frame, which will absorb some of my weight, but not all.

Is a little bit of riding weight on a lipo pack ok, or is it bad for them to be under any sort of pressure?

Although I don’t know why other than puncturing the cell. I would say no pressure they’re already unstable as they are

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Do you have any sources on that claim they are unstable?

The chemistry from why I have read scientifically shows lipos are generally safe. Poor manufacturing can make it unstable, over discharging it can make it unstable, but only when charging. I’ve seen countless videos of lipos blowing up. They are always charging when they blow up and catch fire. Are they really that dangerous during riding, if manufactured properly and treated properly in use?

Here’s a good example of how safe Lipos are:

This pack was not charging, discharging or anything. Just sitting on the bench!

Have you considered a plexiglass lid? ¼" thick plexiglass might be sturdy enough. maybe even ⅛" or 3/16"

From what I have read it was broken and got sent in by a customer for repair. This was not your average Lipo but was a damaged one!

How well does 1/4th inch plexiglass give to curves? I have a very curvy deck. I’m thinking of pressing a few layers of wood again to make a lid. It’s a bit of work but it would work and keep the all wood look that i am going for.

Making a wood lid sounds like the best solution. plexiglass is a little flexible but probably won’t work if your deck has sharp bends.

Do you have any padding around your batteries? I use adhesive backed neoprene foam to give everything a little bit of cushion.

I didn’t read that in the description. Never the less they exploded while just resting. I have 2 Lipo packs in my safe that are bulging. I have been careful to always charge them at 1c and discharge them no lower than 3.7v per cell. I checked them with an IR meter and there are no bad cells. Yet, there buldged.

I know how dangerous lipo’s are and sometimes when my lipo is acting strange, I stand or sit on it while charging. For some reasons it helps balancing the cells back properly after irregular discharge.

I won’t recommend this to anyone, and if you apply pressure, please use the fire safety bag. I never test it during a discharge though.


haha. how long does it take to charge? how long will you stand there on your batteries?! that’s so funny.

Well most of the time I sit on a chair or table while working and put the lipo pressed against the table leg. Then I use my feet to feel if the lipo gets warm or hot :smiley:

But seriously sometimes when the lipo start to swell abit, its best to charge it and apply pressure on it. When its fully charged, the lipo seems to work like new again.

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@evoheyax Do you have a pic of the compartment that you are putting lid on? You might be able to add some supports to it that may help with the torsional flex as well.

This is the weirdest thing I saw on this forum. How did you discover that?

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I’m not joking, I’m serious about this.

Well at first I saw my lipo is swollen just a little bit and when I charge, it doesn’t go to it’s normal capacity. I have 10000mah battery and when I start charging I still have 25%. That means I should expect 7500mah to be written on my balance charger. Somehow after sometimes the battery voltage is close to 4.20 each but its still 6000mah and the balance charger already charging at 0.5A.

Then I started investigating my lipo pack, especially the swollen one. I started massaging the lipo and at one point when I pressed hard enough, my balance charger start to charge at 3.5A again (3.5A is my balance charger max charge output).

Since then I always try to compress my lipo during charging as that always ensure that the packs are working as it should be.


LiPos are not shock proof. Keep that in mind. Could you make a carbon fiber or fiberglass holder for your polymer pouches? That way no weight impact, keeps the cells organized, and the cell pressure is distributed + protected.

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Your lipos are gone. Please save your house and buy some new ones.