Can someone help me find the bms i need?

Hi everyone i want to buy a bms for my futured board.I am going to use 2 6s 16000mah 12c batterys.Do i need a bms that has 190a-200a rating or i can use and a smaller rating bms?

Depending on what you want to draw from your pack and if you want to use the bms for charge only or charge and discharge.

What board you building and where you plan to drive with?

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i will use a focbox unity and 2 170kv 6384 motors.i want only to charge i think…what discharge helps with?also i want to drive it mostly on road but also off road

You need a bms that can handle the amps your ESCs can output

Or get a charge only one

the focbox has 160a continuous system current 80a continuous for motors and 300a max…Is a 160a bms gona be ok?

I guess you mean the unity has 160A

If you expect to pull that many amps, than yes a 160A bms will be fine

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Thank u very much for your time!!

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