Can someone help me pick a VESC?

Trying to find a suitable one for this motor

This is the only video I’ve seen of this motor btw. Also the wattage is 2880w.

Here’s the rest of my parts list for those curious. I’ll be posting it separately when it’s finalised.

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You’ve much to learn young padawon

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Ditch the motor. Get one from reputable vendor. Focbox is what you want.


They’ll never learn if you do the work for them lol


At least he made a parts list so shows some effort


I would say focbox.

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check out @dickyho motor mounts on ebay, people on here have been using it and have positive experience about it. Ditch the aliexpress ones.

I assume this is your first build, I recommend either the flipsky single 6.6 or the torqueboard’s. Both are good choices. If you have more budget, go for a Focbox (it is more expensive but even more reliable compared to the flipsky 6.6).

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The enertion vesc is like twice the price of everything else is there really no alternative? Also what about this fromFlipsky, (not this exact one I think it might be fake). I’m actually 90% convinced that all these motors are the same with different logos stuck on them. Would a 100A vesc suffice for this given that it says the max current is 80A? I’ve heard “50% more than the motor” as well as “10% more than the motor” rules being used for VESCs, 25% seems ok to me.

Enertion vesc will keep you safe and sound, it’s a really good and a solid option, plus it has a really good usage history.

The alternative is going cheap, use the board for 2 month, everything breaks and then upgrade all the parts. There is no cheap and good in this esk8 world. You can die on esk8. Will you really rely on shady electronics and motors that can lock up, throw you into the bumper of a ongoing car? Also expect to spend around 100 on safety equipment. A decent helmet is 70€.

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The cheapest and good mount is @Boardnamics. Wait for Black Friday and invest on something from vendors

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Btw when people have been saying focbox do they meanthis one? I think I’ve been looking at the unity not realising it was a dual vesc. £100 actually seems like a good price.

But do you think it will be enough for the flipsky motor I linked? Motor max draw is 85A 3250W.

This is the one. It will be enough

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Nice. Thank you.

I just bought 2 SK3 6374 from HK the other day for £80

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This. These are the tits if you don’t mind a push to launch. Pair them with flipsky 4.12s for a “possibly eat pavement” build or focboxes for “Might not eat pavement build”

Those aren’t sensored though? Does it make much of a difference? I hear people add their own hall sensors somehow. I’m sure I’m capable of doing so but why go for the turnigy over the flipsky one for 15% more price?


Dont get this for real…

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SK3 is the most used motor out there, and probably the motor with the least amount of problems

Flipsky has a bunch of problems, and they are in China, if something goes wrong you are mostly screwed

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