Can someone help me understand what I'm missing here?

Hey all. I recently decided to build my own electric longboard, and while the initial build process has went well, I’m stuck on my vesc wiring. I’m pretty new to this and there’s a lot I don’t know about these vescs and I don’t want to damage anything, so any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: I’ll post some pics of my build so you know what I’m running.

Basically, my vesc is receiving power and I can control the master side with my remote, but my slave side isn’t activating the motor. From what little I know about vescs, and correct me if I’m wrong, but the master side needs to connect to the slave side via another set of cables from the remote receiver, or by a CAN bus? Of which I have neither. The problem is I cant identify where a CAN bus would even connect on the master side, since the only ports I recognize are the ports for the remote receiver and the sensor wire.

I’m also using the vesc tool and when I do connect my vesc, it says this:

Notice at the bottom right of the first pic, it says limited mode, which I’m assuming is because my firmware needs to be updated. I can update it but it says I will lose all settings on my vesc, which makes me nervous because I don’t know all the ins-and-outs of configuring settings from scratch. Anways, thanks for taking the time to read this - I’m really hoping someone can help me out here lol.

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The canbus in this is actually a little black switch on the vesc. It says canbus on/off. However, you are using UART for the remote. I have personally been unable to ever make that work. I believe you program it with canbus off and then turn/Plug it canbus after? I always use pwm…

You would only need to run the wizards again to get your settings. You could also write down what you have and just add it during setup

If those are real 30q’s in that pack, it can do a max of 80a total. Thats 40 per motor. Do not go any higher or you will risk damaging your battery.

Motor max 60 Motor min -40 Batt max 40 Batt min-30

I would do that with your setup

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Thanks for the info. I see the switch you’re talking about, and it is in the “on” position. What is UART? Some of the acronyms I don’t know yet, pwm is another. I think that’s what is really preventing me from progressing - I just don’t know what people are referring to half the time with all the tech talk haha. I’ll update my firmware and see if that helps any in the meantime.

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Dont worry about it… just read, read ,read… Uart is what your remote receiver is plugged into. That can also be used for bluetooth modules or davega. Pwm is another way to connect the receiver. Usually three wires with a lil black connector at the end.

Im still new myself and by no means a “tech guy”. Dont be scared to ask questions!

How can you tell how much amperage my battery can produce?

10s 4p 30q?

Those cells are 15amp peak, 4x so Its rated to 60amp max.

Go by the ratings of the cell and multiply by your p group. 30q’s are rated at 15a but most experienced builders know they can safely do 20a. You can find So 20 x 4 is 80a total or 40 per side on a dual setup

Mooch, a popular li-ion tester, has tested several different batteries and has become a reliable source for finding out the numbers for various different cells

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