Can someone recommend me a 12S BMS for Lipo

Just a quick question. I’m doing a new build with a 12S 2P Lipo pack. But I have no idea where to get a bms in the EU, or which type I need to get - especially since its 4, 6s lipos to make the pack.

What can you amazing people recommend!?


@JTAG DieBie :slight_smile:

grtz Frederic

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OO these look interesting. Hows your personal experience with it? Hows its reliability? and since I know barely anything about bms’s, Can I charge all 4 lipo packs with the 12s80A bms?

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The bms’es are from besttech, very popular for esk8 :slight_smile: But I don’t think it’s a good idea to use the lipo’s in parallel, because the parallel cells will only be connected with the balance cables?

I can be wrong though :wink:

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Thanks for the heads up. Im still scratching my head trying to figure out the best way to get my 4 6s lipos (12s2p) hooked up to a bms. as silly me on my first build did a 2x6s setup and ended up over discharging and killing the lipos

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