Can someone verify this?

Looking for someone to verify this works before I buy. Thanks!!

I looked at it earlier, I don’t know of anyone who has used one though. The one that caught my eye was this…

Its a great shape/size for a penny board with hubs…if its worth a crap.

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Completely agree.

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I was thinking 2 70mm hubs with 2 5s lipos and the ESC above in vacuum formed or 3d printed enclosure. No frills, literally nothing but the ESC battery, motors and a XT90s. It would be light, you could strap it your backpack. Low range but very very portable.


Is it any good?

I have the dual version. I have not tested it yet tough, waiting for motors

The seller had fast response times

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I read somewhere on this forum that it’s the same one being used on some mountain boards.

When do you expect the motors to arrive? :slight_smile: I’m really interested. I’m also thinking of getting one motor version just for fun of it. And testing of course, I wonder how it performs… For a smaller backup board, it could be just good enough :slight_smile:

They are from China, so I really can’t say, they got sent today. I will update you :smile:

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looking forward the ESC review~~

I have one in order

Okay so i have done some test, And Its GREAT, it gets going fast and it’s responsive, and it barely gets warm.

There are some dodgy solder spots, but I it’s not too bad. I have not tested for regenerative breaking yet, but i think it has it.

One small problem is that sometimes, the break is a little unresponsive, so I have to push the breakes a couple of times, so that it does break. It’s running 2 6534 motors and these motors get a bit warm, but that is most likely not the Board.

Have not had any bad experiences yet, and the range of the remote is acceptable, and the remotes antenna was even extended with a pice of wire.

I am using a 7S10P battery

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great to hear that. But too bad they don sell 12s version. you use this esc at skateboard or MTB?

how many AH total of your battery? i planning build a MTB, wondering how many capacity should i take.

total aH is 28

but the guy had to resend the module becuase it stopped working on one of the motors, but the breaking still worked on that motor. But the seller has exelent costumer service, not like other eBay sellers

I really need your help. I just bought the same controller but for one motor. i cant get the remote connected. I follow the procedure it says and it seems like it works, but it just keeps beeping.

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Contact the seller he is great

i also bought the duel motor esc from him. but planning on running it 6s with two 6s battery in parallel … do you guys think it will be the same as running each motor on 6s? im afraid it might be pulling too much amps…

Got mine in the mail 2 days ago and finally got it mocked up on my board. I have a 10s, duel HUB motor setup and this ESC is really great. The controller feels cheap but I’m currently working on moving the internals into a different controller to give it a more solid and ergonomic feel. The breaking is really solid and provides incredible acceleration with my setup. Way better than the other 250 dollar options I have used. Build quality is a little low overall hope it doesn’t burn up after a couple miles.

That’s good info. I feel you in the lifetime if they controller, keep us up to date.

Hei Nils - tenkte å kjøre på med samme kontroller kort som du har (dual motor) er det noe utfordringer med dette kortet som jeg skal tenke på ? tenkte å kjøre lifepo4 batteri og N5055 motorer.

Takker for info