Can’t pair gt2b

So the core goes in the middle and the mesh shield goes on the outer?

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From what i read on the other GT2B thread yes that’s correct.

Tried and it still didn’t work. Will resolder. Maybe it was a bad solder job

redid the solder but still doesnt work. any ideas?

is the other side of the antenna that only has the shielded wire supposed to go on the other outer contact?

No harm in trying both combinations. posting pictures of the GT2B and the area youre working in will help to get answers.

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just did and it still didnt work


Can’t really get a good pick of the antenna soldering part

But the antenna is all soldered up. Here’s a video of the problem:

I cant view the video because :apple: Bro im a noob too and really you need pro help… but this doesn’t look correct at the bottom centre!!


its hard to see but no solder is touching one another

any pros want to chime in, ie @FLATLINEcustoms @Slak @Sebike


:unicorn: :balloon: to @whitepony for the pic


still doesnt pair

Try watching this video:


The antenna is only meant to attach at one end not both. Your antenna looks real messed up now.

The 30mm clear bit after the brass tube is the top end of the antenna and should not be touching anything.

Edit. Sorry if sounded harsh, trying to help. I will try get a better photo of mine to show you.


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yeah i realized that and i fixed it so the top isnt touching anything but it still doenst work

ok i resoldered it and only the side with 2 wires is attached and the other side is free but it still doesnt pair

How did your antenna wire get so short?

What are the two bigger red wires going to off to the right in the pic?

can you show me the battery on the other end of the three wire plug?

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