Can’t setup FocBox/FocBox App Unity doesn’t work

Tried downloading the FocBox app and won’t let me? Tried Bluetooth to my laptop works but just a connection. Plugged in USB to laptop and no USB connection to laptop? Any help appreciated! Thanks!

I think it’s because you don’t have an actual android device connected to your google play account

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Ya not sure how to do that but found the tool somewhere else and moving forward. I searched for app On my laptop and can’t even find the app. Now just inputting all the numbers

Have you tried loading the APK directly to your Android device? For Laptop, you have to download the Windows version of the App (I am not sure if the links are still up)

I found download @ ridefatdaddy website had the link for FocBox tool and FocBox UI. I wish there was a good tutorial who would go through the whole process when setting up and explain a few things!

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I think there is a tutorial about it within the app. try basic version