Can’t take off motor pulley

I already took off the snap ring but the pulley is completely fixed on the shaft. Any idea of to replace it?

Also how do I make sure it’s fixed when I’m putting my new pulley back on?

Thanks so much!

did you try heat?

As in heating the pulley up? Does that work?

That’s what I was suggesting. Tends to loosen things, plus makes metal expand, so if it is just stuck it should help loosen. I’d be careful with the motor and all …

Looks like there’s a tool for that, too


yeah those work awesome too.

Yeah that is one option, often helps loosen up the pulley a bit, however another way that you could try is how I got mine off.

Mine were stuck on my shafts quite tightly due to the keyway and the dust and stuff that had gotten in there. I sprayed a bit of WD-40 in the pulley keyway and around the joint and let it sit for a while. I was eventually able to wiggle each of them off. Cleaned it up real good and it is perfectly fine now.

Automotive stores like Orielly’s have tools like this for cheap.

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And what is this tool called exactly? Thanks

Lots of heat and one of these will do it.


Most automotive parts stores will let you borrow one. It’s a pulley puller. Hook it to the back of the pulley. If you pull from the front you will just rip the front of the pulley off.


Thanks. How can I make sure the new pulley is fixed on the shaft though?

How is the current one fixed? Are there any grubscrews or a keyway?

There is no key way or subscrew. Seems like it’s pressed fitted. Or maybe there’s just too much friction.

If you have a vice you can always hammer out the pulley. Use a screwdriver or a center punch and give it a few taps with a hammer. I’ve never had a mount bend or anything weird like that.


@cheeoli did you get it off

Not yet because I can’t get the puller yo hook on the back of the pulley. There isn’t enough clearance between the motor mount and the motor pulley for me to stick the puller in between.

if there’s very little clearance, a screwdriver as a prybar may be your friend.

Wouldn’t that bend the shaft though?

The motor shaft? Probably not, it’s really thick. I would first try twisting a flathead underneath as that’ll give a fairly vertical lifting force. If it doesn’t budge you should try heating it with a heat gun (or a lighter for a very long time) and see if that loosens it up.

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