Can’t take off motor pulley

@cheeoli … Any luck?

I bought the gear puller from Oreilly but somehow the pulley seems to be completely stuck. Tried pulling from both top and bottom of the pulley and this is what happened. It seems like there’s a tiny key way in there but there’s no way I can reach it. Any idea?

How about one of those little flat crow bars or the prying end of a small hammer?

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I used a flat head screwdriver and that’s how I ripped off the bottom of the pulley. Seems like it’s fixed somehow.

Have you torched it yet? If it’s held on with loctite, that might be the only thing that will get it to budge.

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Looking at it closely … is that red Loctite I see? Was it loctited? If so, did you try the heat?

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Yeah I saw the glue but didn’t think of heating it up first. Will try that

Update: the pulley’s both ends came off after I heated it up but the teeth part remained stuck on there.

I first heated up the loctite with a torch that can go up to 2500F. I then tried to remove the pulley but only the darker pieces come off leaving the aluminum teeth still on there. I took off the motor and found a key way but after unscrewing it the whole pulley is still completely fixed in there. No idea why.

Heat heat heat.


Did u remowe that scrub screw?

I heated the whole thing for a good 20 seconds haha

Yes I removed the screw already.

Heat it until you see the loctite smoking.

Yeah but right now I’m not sure if the part with keyway is together with the pulley or not. Idk if I should attemp to remove the pulley or with the black part altogether. Yeah the loctite was smoking and the red turned brown kinda

Take a Dremel to it, and cut down one side. Screwdriver in-between, and twist.

If that won’t get it off, cut down the other side :man_shrugging:


Cut down one side of the aluminum teeth?

Dremel/rotary tool or multi tool even hacksaw (if you can cut straight with it). Cut straight down along side of shaft, do your best not to cut into motor shaft. You’ll end up taking 2-5 teeth off exposing part of shatf. Heat it up again and pull that bastard off.

if heat doesnt work, put it in the freezer for 30 minutes

Thanks a lot! Will try that. Should I also cut off the part that has the keyway?