Can the Scorpion ESC be used for Esk8?

Hey I was just doing some searching for good motors on Scorpions site and came across this

and I just wanted to know if this is something we could use for Esk8? Or any of there’s for that matter…

Why would you buy this? it is $450,


Lol I actually didn’t even look at the price. They have others for like $169 and around that price point… Still, I guess one should get a Escape for that amount.

It´s a heli ESC, so without brakes useless for us…

some heli ecs have brakes

But like 0 or 100% brakes most of the time. I didn´t look to deep in this one how that behave, but most of the time you have to flash a different firmeware to kind of use it for our purpose