Can these escs work on an electric mountainboard?

Hi. I was wondering if this esc can power an electric mountainboard? If they can how can I program them to work?15300225536092099973940

Yes, but you are going to be limited to 22V which is not enough for a MTB IMO.

Each esc can handle 22.2 volts

Which means if you have 2 you can use 44 volts…

/s that’s not how she works mate.

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Can you please explain why my escs can’t work

You need a minimum of 8s which is 33.6v fully charged for a mountain board. You do not wire esc’s in series (that would be splitting the voltage) you wire them in parallel so each esc receives the same amount of voltage, but the amperage is split. If each esc can only handle 22.2v that is a maximum of a 6s which in a RC car would be achieved by series connecting two 3s lipos, which these were designed for thus why it has a high amp rating but lower voltage. Hope this helps you understand the situation.

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