Can these hoverboard batteries work on an electric mountainboard?

1534978558029313053133 I just received my 2 hoverboard batteries for my Electric mountainboard. I was wondering if I should bypass the bms. By that I mean power the ESC directly from the battery and only use the bms to charge.

we know nothing about those batteries. Therefor we cannot give you accurate advice. Please state what batteries they are

They’re should be Samsung 18650 10s2p 4400mah battery pack with a bms. The maximum discharge the bms can supply is 30amp and 10amp continuous. They pack was made for hoverboard.

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I still don’t know what samsung cells they are…

30 amps is definately not enough for a mountainboard, heck even not good enough for a regular board, talking about discharge here.

You have to either bypass discharge which is risky. Edit: Wouldn’t suggest bypassing discharge unless you know exactly what you are doing

Or you buy a bms capable of handling more amps

By bypass I mean connect it to to the positive and negative end. Kinda like how lipo batteries work. Will that work for 18650 batteries?

I get what you mean.

Yes it would work but it’s risky

Ok that all I wanted to know, that it’s possible, thank you. And when you say risky what do you mean.

Edit: the batteries should be 25r

It doesn’t seem you know exactly what you are doing.

You basically let your ESC handle discharge. This may result in cells go different voltages. You need to check them a lot to spot drifting cells.

In my opinion, don’t do it unless you know EXACTLY what you are doing. Please really consider just getting a better bms, with bypassing discharge you could kill your battery pack

I’ll be using the same bms the battery pack has to charge it, I’ll just be adding a positive and negative lead the goes from the battery straight to the ESC bypassing the bms.

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They’ll work, but you’ll need many of them. I’m building an mtb using 6 of those packs in parallel to create the amperage supply needed.

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Where did you get the batteries?

I got them from eBay. I will be checking the cells to make sure they’re all at the same voltage and make sure the bms is wired properly.

i have a few of those packs… theyre not samsung… probably the lgeamf cells… as stated youd need a at least a 4p to get any decent juice out of them.