Can u get a speed wobble in a powered truck?

With the advertising on the post just below claiming their “torque vectoring” will stop speed wobbles, got me wondering is it even possible to get a wobble with a powered truck? I never have.

Link to this post?

Yes of course it is possible to get speed wobbles on a powered truck. Its possible on any truck. But wider and longer wheel bases reduce likelihood of speed wobbles.

Speed wobble requires the two wheels changing speed quickly and the esc and motor would prevent that from happening Who has gotten speed wobble in the truck with at least one motor?

You say it wouldn’t be possible on a single, I don’t think that is true. Imagine a car, obviously you will never see a single wheel drive, but with 2 wheel drive, it depends on the differential, I know there isn’t trucks so it kind of doesn’t make sense. But if you have a 2 wheel drive esk8 and they would be considered locked differential, then you could not get speed wobbles theoretically on the back truck. The front truck could still get it. On a 4wd with locked differential it would be impossible to get speed wobbles. (I think…)

I don’t know if it’s possible just don’t see how it could happen. Even with one motor on the truck having a wobble would require that powered wheel changing speed really quickly despite what the esc is feeding it. No?
Who has had a wobble on a powered truck?

A car is so different in many ways I can’t see similarities enough to compare. Never heard of a speed wobble with a car anyway. No trucks.

By that do you mean a hub with at least one motor? Because I have a Carvon single hub and I’ve definitely gotten speed wobbles, but at like 30mph.

Either hub or pulley wheel. Was it a wobble on the powered side…maybe it was the regular wheels? Maybe dual diagonal motors don’t wobble.

Its possible. Not due to different wheels speeds, but oscillation between the front and rear trucks. It always originates in the rear truck. want to kill speed wobble? put a 0 degree truck on the rear.

I’m still not convinced! If there were a motor on both the front and back truck I think speed wobbles wouldn’t be possible.

Not sure the motors or their placement have anything to do with central pivot oscilation.

A wobble requires the wheels quickly changing speed but if even just one on a truck were powered that would stabilize it no? Keep it to a specific speed. If a wobble involves interaction/ossilation between two trucks maybe only one motor would be good enough. Someone argue with me because as it is now…maybe even one motor would be good enough. Who has had wobbles? Never me

I was trying to page you a couple days ago Dave when someone was asking: how’d you casting of pulleys go?

I’m not sure you central premise is correct. My understanding is that it is the occultation of the central pivot on the design of skate trucks that are based on railroad car trucks, hence the name and they had problems with wobbles and very little change in wheel speed.

BUT… having said that, and this is purely anecdotal, I haven’t noticed wobbles on my powered boards. I do have a lower angle and stiffer back trucks, both of which are supposed to help prevent wobbles.

So there may be some part of a powered system that accounts for less occurrences of speed wobbles.

Love to find out!

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I haven’t cast pulleys in awhile…I thought they worked pretty well, but I’m more fond of steel and aluminum pulleys. The casting process is fun though.

Best explanation of speed wobbles I’ve read

Yes, it is possible. Don’t know the science behind it but I, as well as many others, have experienced speed wobbles on the Evolve boards (not sure about the GT). Has a lot more to do with the gullwing style trucks though.

Maybe you got wobbles in the front which aren’t powered? From the more I look it up anything to dampen the oscillations will help…having wheels that only turn at a controlled speed, with a motor for example, should do it wonderfully

Maybe people are lifting off throttle when they start to sense speed wobbles which causes the powered wheel to act as a normal wheel?

Kind of how like when towing a boat. People instinctively slow when they see the trailer wandering behind them when what you are supposed to do is apply more throttle.

How correct is this?

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