Can you balance charge your battery pack without using the bulk charge leads?

I have a 12s battery pack that I’m splitting into two 6s packs to charge using a dual port balance charger. Based off of the YouTube videos and Miami Electric’s post on making your own charging cable, it seems like everyone uses the main leads in conjunction with the balance leads. There are a few posts on the RC forums that lead me to think that it is possible to charge using only the balance leads but that it will limit you to a 2a charging current which I am okay with. I just don’t see anyone doing it and it’s going to be hard for me to re-do if I’m wrong. Thanks in advance, everyone.

I charged at 4amps… but wires got slightly warm, i think…

Yes it is possible to chage through balance leads… thats how u balance individual cells, if somehing geta messed up and hobby charger isnt around

If you don’t mind me asking, what charger do you use?

Turnigy reaktor… but for balancing small TP4056 modules can be used, i think… just need to check voltage levels when charging

I’m checking back in to report that I wasn’t able to charge my battery pack using only the balance leads and that the main leads were required. My iMax B6 Charger’s software prevented me from charging via balance leads alone.

Yeh b6 and accucel doesnt allow that…

you could make a many prong plug for all the balance wires and hook it up to a bunch of these:

or there’s cheaper ones from china.

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This is false.

This is true.

Use a BMS and a regular laptop-style charger

Can’t you make a balance extension cable with an extra negative and positive cable attached to the outer wires? This way your charger gets balance and main wires, but you just need your balance plug on the other end. Obviously care must be taken with charge rates.