Can you diagnose - Space cell pro4 mishap

I have a pro4 that has worked seamlessly for about 10 months…until a mishap last weekend. I was charging the board on my workbench and accidentally knocked it off the bench…I caught the board before it hit the ground, but in doing so, the male end of the fast charger was yanked sideways in the female charge port and created BIG spark (not the normal spark when plugging in). It actually melted the male end of the fast charger.

Now the Pro4 will power on, but the battery % on the display will show 0%, or rapidly fluctuate from 0% to 100% back to 0% when plugging a charger in. I’ve opened the Pro4 up and see no visible signs of damage. Does it sound like the bms is damaged or did I likely damage the cells themselves?

@scepterr @barajabali I think you guys could help

Sounds like display/charge port is shorting

Likely just the charge port

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pictures would help

Lets see some pictures. Ill fix it up for you if you send it in.

Are the charge ports fused on these?

I removed the charge port.

Where are you located?

He’s in Chicago

@Adam0311 what he said.

I’ll do it for free just send it over


Sorry for the long delay in response. Recently started my own business and life has been a bit crazy.

I actually have two batteries that need repair. One space cell pro4 that I already mentioned and another space cell (goes in the original Raptor). I think the bms is bad on the Pro4 and my guess is there are broken welds on the original space cell…it experiences rapid decline in output even after being fully charged, will frequently shut off the board when climbing moderate hills.

If I ship both to you, would you be willing to fix them? I will happily pay parts plus labor…maybe $50 bucks…but really whatever you think is reasonable.

Please let me know.

Hey man. I’ll do it for free just contact customer service so they can make a case for both batteries. Tel them you spoke to me and you are sending it to me.

Bara Jabali 16909 blue heron dr Orland Park, IL 60467

You will have to pay for parts but that will be tbd

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That’s awesome! Will do. I’m also planning to order a 10s3p battery from you for a new build.