Can you electrical tape a BMS?

I’m putting my first board together and am a little worried about the electrical components. I’ve tried to electrical tape most of my wire, but still have a few sparks every now and then. Can I electrical tape my 10A BMS or will that cause a fire? Here are some pics of my setup.

The best way to think about it is this – picture for a moment in your head the scenario where

You finish making everything the way you want to, turn it on, it works Then you pick it up and smash it wheels-first into a concrete wall as hard as you can for 30 minutes straight.

Because that’s exactly what happens when you ride it – so it has to be able to survive that

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@achatham First, don’t use electrical tape when you can use something better - heatshrink, conformal coating, liquid e-tape, all work MUCH better than regular electrical tape.

electrical tape is at best a shitty field-expedient to get you home where you can replace it with something better. Never trust tape-type adhesives, they always fail. Electrical tape turns to goo, unravels and chafes.

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Thanks for the reply. Ok so if I go with liquid etape will/can that negatively effect the bms or any other parts? I just was to make sure I’m using the right stuff and NOT fry my board!

@b264 that totally makes sense.

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