Can you help me ID these parts? New to eboards, building one for the first time

Hey folks! I’m wondering if anyone here can help me identify some parts I just got. I got this kit:

  • which was only $200 last week, so maybe I got a deal, or maybe I got some funky Chinesium. Either way, I figured it’d be fun to tinker with. My kid wanted to buy a Koowheel and, having built RC quadcopters and cars and stuff, I quickly realized that building was the way to go - we may even outperform those boards for less money out of pocket.

Anyway, I’ve tried to get in touch with the seller, and haven’t had any response. I’m hoping to just find some instructions, a data sheet, info on the board, anything - it came with no documentation of any kind. I can take some more detailed pics if needed, but mine looks just like the pictures on the site; anyone recognize this stuff? I don’t have my batteres yet, but I plugged it into a couple of 6S lipos for one of my quads to see if I could make the wheels spin. The controller isn’t labelled, so while I was able to get some beeps and boops and blinking lights out of it and the board, I’m not sure how to actually connect them (they don’t seem to be talking to each other out of the box, gotta pair them or something I’m guessing). There’s no USB port on the board as near as I can tell, but there are some spots for solding on pinheaders (one in the middle has 4 pins, so I’m thinking that might be USB). The build quality seems really good; I feel like I got a decent deal even if I need to get a different ESC.

Thanks in advance for your time!

Is it a diyeboard kit maybe?

Alien power system sells these too apparently with only a smidge more info.

Up to 12s.

It should be a basic plug and play. I bought one of those to replace the esc inside my koowheel. I was told by a friend that it’s a meepo v1.5 esc or one of its clones. Remote probably has a pairing button. It’s usually the only one you can’t reach when holding it ( mine had it at the bottom) and on the board if the receiver isn’t integrated it’s probably the blue component

These kits are typically almost always powered by a 10s battery. Just know DIY does not equal better and less expensive, you could be sacrificing your safety for going cheaper. As a whole if you do decide to keep this, atleast change the esc to a vesc and get a nano remote.

Going to a VESC later on is the plan I think, but what’s the specific safety concern? I’m not a stranger to electrical issues, so I feel pretty confident that I can keep any fires and whatnot contained, but if there’s a particular safety concern (say, erratic performance, like sudden unexpected braking, etc), I’d love to hear about it/link to it.

Not just fires, but in the program itself the esc is extremely jerky and laggy. those things together are dangerous for anybody to step on a esk8 the safety concern is not having safe brakes, getting thrown off your board, and disconnections while riding. Don’t have the sources on me as of right now, but it’s all over .builders for esc cutting out and disconnecting. So i suggest at least get a Hobbywing esc from meepo or somebody else.

i believe i have the same esc in my mountainboard at the moment (switching to vesc soon, don’t worry.) it’s really touchy / jumpy, i don’t know a good term for it, throttle and brake is really abrupt.

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