Can you hook up dual VESCs to one remote without can bus?

Anyone know how to hook up 2 VESCs to one remote without using the can bus cable. My VESCs are separated from each other. Appreciate the help.

Servo ppm y-splitter is one way. Another way is some remotes have dual signal so second channel is dup signal I think benchwheel is one like that?

I’m not familiar with ppm y-splitter. How does it work?

How are your VESCs physically separated as that probably bounds the solution better. If truly isolated, no wires can span, then may need 2 receivers.

@Caustin Well, it’s more like two transmitters. O, like you said a Benchwheel. My VESCs are being used for roller skates, so hence the separation. On my skateboard I can use can bus. Only thing I don’t have is the procedure to bind transmitters and receivers for the Benchwheel remote. I looked everywhere and haven’t found it yet. That’s what I need. Because, like you say, the Benchwheel has two channels.

OH I haven’t seen anyone trying eblades in a while! They are blades right? lol

I don’t think a regular rc remote with work with 2 rx at the same time. You could do one remote for each foot?

Actually they’re quad roller skates, lol Yes, two remotes will probably be the answer. It seems like I read that the VESCs could do that but, may be complicated. Don’t know. For what it’s worth, here’s the “skate” lol


There could be ways of doing it with one remote but i think separate systems would be much simpler! Looks cool! I see carbon fiber baseplate, Snowboard bindings and sharkwheels! Wheres the motor?

Oh, it’s on the other side. It’s a Hummie Steel Hub motor. Works great! Got it running on FOC and it’s as smooth as ever.


Haha, wow that clarifies things…and looks awesome! Let’s see how others chime in, would be much better if did not need 2 remote tx and 2 rx. The benchwheel can easily use the second channel for dup signal but to same single binded rx. Perhaps one of the forum vesc or binding wizards can enlighten us.

Thanks much! @Caustin. I have two Benchwheel remotes and two rxs, so if someone does know how to bind to the two rxs, to one remote, that be good.

Yeah, having seen the benchwheel documentation it will not answer your question!!

All I have is this paper that came with the remote and tx. My buddy translated it from Chinese. It’s only about the rx. One cool thing though, is the blank box next to 5V on the right doesn’t go anywhere, so I connected the LEFT 5V on the back of the board to that pin and was able to plug my fan in and it worked! What luck! lol


Haha, nice luck on the phantom 5V lol

Rest of docs are even less enlightening

Yea, great manual but lacks the binding. Guess your not suppose to do that

@Saul. Thanks for the info.

Is this a DIY project? I see the battery on the back of the skate and I am wondering why not make a back pack out of it? Put the battery, receiver and vescs using a servo Y splitter (cut the 5v lead from one of the servo leads to the vescs) in a back pack and run the motor cables to the motors in the shoes. Some wire loom would be necessary for this as well.

I am just wondering if the length of the cable would have any effect on the power. But your shoes would be a lot lighter.

Yea, its a DIY. These skates evolved over time. Took me about a year. Mainly waiting on parts and Machinist. I did try having all the parts you said, but on a waist belt. It actually worked pretty good. They were definitely lighter. It’s an idea I may go back to. The extra weight doesn’t seem to effect riding them too much. They’re somewhat difficult to ride at first. Helps to be a good quad roller skater already, (I’m doing better). I have a pair of practice skates. Just gotta ride both of them regularly. Gonna post a video when I can.

If someone could tell me how the Y-splitter works, sure would appreciate it. The length didn’t seem to bother my other pair, but they were made from a production made skateboard I bought and cut up. Just wonder how that would work with the VESCs?

With a lot of programming and testing it would be possible to connect them via UART and Bluetooth or WIFI modules. WIFI with UDP would be better because it is the fastest. But then the VESC needs to send the signal via UART and not via CAN. So it would be tricky but possible.

The y-splitter goes into your throttle channel on the receiver, then each end of the cable goes into the vesc. Just make sure to cut the +5 volt (middle wire) of one of the vesc’s receiver cable.

The receiver only needs power from one vesc. I had problems with my build and this is one of the details I discovered, running dual vescs.

I always liked the idea of roller skates or wheels on my feet, but I really suck at it. I have blades that I bought years ago and rode maybe two or three times. They haven’t been on my feet since.

But with that little experience and the power of these motors, how do you keep your feet on the ground? Do you have to put your feet in a line before acceleration?

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