Can you re-make the Super 73

Do you guys think it would be possible to make your own

Super 73 electric bike/scooter?


Sure it’s possible but that frame design is just …

It’s terribly weak. It needs to be two triangles and not a quadrilateral…


I looked into this a bit ago. Gave up once it got even a little hard.

True story


Im going to make the frame same as a taco bike or mini bike from the 70’s


Dude just get a real moped. A tomos with an a35 or a50 with a pipe and jetted carb will easily hit 40mph and go forever on a gallon of premix. Or if you really want to up the small bike game ante yiu could get an mb5 and have a TON of fun on a 50cc 5 speed bike.


Ugh, that emits greenhouse gases…


The e bike i covert more than the Super 73, is the Greaser… not cheap at £2000 :neutral_face: tho swanky AF


Finally I opened a similar topic couple months ago since then I have done butt loads of researching I think I know pretty much how to build it it’s just lack of money.

Frame you can buy almost replica of the 73 model not the scouts which imo look better. On alibaba anyways

Use a more powerful middruve like a Bbshd or bbs02 instead of their hub. They used middrives on V1

Battery stuff we are good at on the forum.

So only thing is if you want to implement the vesc instead of an traditional ebike controller. It’s has been done and there are easy ways to convert the ebike thottle to vesc etc

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Not my pic!

I dont really like that frame design either. Not only from rigidity but also styling points of veiw. Its just missing something … the open area between the top tubes and the battery is such an eyesore

I can also agree on that the emptiness in the middle is strange especially when using a hub motor

But goddamn it’s cool af

I’m using one of these for my next build dual 63xx motors (haven’t decided the kv yet) on TB 218 trucks 6 inch shooter tires with trampa superstar hubs dual FocBox 10s5p lg hg2 or dual lipo 5s pack. But for now it’s just on paper I only have the board and trucks


looks “interesting”. does this exist already? if yes, it´s the easiest way to get it done. how much is the bike ehmm… board??

Just buy an old dead bike for 100$ remove engine and everything and just mount your electrical stuff on


Gave me a chuckle.

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Can you please send me the link to the frame? And also did you make your own? I wanna see it!

Somebody should have told Norton that when they won all those Manx TT trophys back in the 50s…but ok the headstock is not braced, then again we are talking about a moped

…dammit I’ve just retorted on a two year old conversation

I was thinking of doing this with an old Honda Ruckus. But once you get into the the really highvoltage it’s another ball game and hardware is much more expensive.