Can you use differfent truck widths?

Can you use for example the wider 218mm Torque trucks for the rear and the standard Caliber II trucks for the front? the reason i’m asking is because using the Caliber’s on the front and back is proving to be difficult to mount dual motors on the back at a good angle. Thoughts?

won’t be a problem. the turning radius will be restricted by the larger truck tho.

Thanks, i’ll play around with the mismatch and see how it goes.

Are wider trucks really more restricted? If it’s the same angle truck why would turning be limited?

The turn radius is not exactly ‘restricted’, the wider the truck is the more leverage is needed to get the same turn.

I would spend the extra money and match widths of trucks… probably work I just think symmetrical is a good idea.

It would be fine, might just look funny. It would probably handle better and feel nicer than two wide trucks.

That doesn’t make much sense, if your lever is the width of the deck and you haven’t changed the bushings, it should be the same to lean. If anything a short truck should be harder to turn because the shorter the distance from center to wheel, the easier it is for the opposite wheel to lift off the ground.

Let me rephrase it for him.

You need tighter bushings with a wider truck because the fulcrum length has increased. So the “unsprung” weight of the wheels have a greater tendency to “walk” on their own when compared to a narrower truck, that can use softer bushings.

Either way… wider width trucks while generally more stable. Have a higher tendency of walking because of the increased fulcrum distance to pivot.

This translates to what Pat said, stiffer bushings need more leverage.


That’s a great explanation, thank you for that!


Ok, a wider truck will turn slower not less, it has to do with the amount of time it takes to swing the hanger around. A narrower truck will snap back and forth it will turn quickly while a wide hanger will turn slower. It’s just a measure of time. Also, as said above the leverage will be much different…