Canada 18650 cells and full packs group buy interest?

I’m going to be ordering Samsung 25R 18650 cells from soon to build packs for myself and a friend. I was wondering if there would be any interest in a group buy on the individual cells or if anyone in Canada would be interested in buying assembled packs. I’m planning on making 10s3p packs with cell-level fusing and a BMS. I’m open to suggestions on different pack designs too if anyone has preferences. doesn’t ship to Canada so I was planning on shipping them near the border and bringing them over myself. We get slammed on the dollar and since I’ll be bringing in so many we’ll be paying duties. My best guess is that after exchanges, tax, and duties we’ll be around $5.75 a cell, which sucks but I’m not sure we can do better?

Just wanted to put this out there one more time before ordering myself. Any interest?

Darn I would have loved to buy some. I am also in canada