[Canada] 4x Brand new FOCBOX for sale [150$ Each+shipping] SOLD

Got 4 brand new FOCBOX for sale 150$each (290$ for two or 570$ for the 4). Price doesn’t include shipping. Uploading pics as soon as I get home

I’ll take two of them. Live in Los Angeles.

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It would be cheaper with shipping to get them from @longhairedboy


Agreed…to bad he’s out.

I’ve been told the flow of focboxes will begin again this month. I have already ordered additional stock, and there will likely be enough orders to get me to pay up early and get even more.

What i’m saying is reserve your place in line by backordering or you won’t get them from the next batch, or possibly even the one after that.


Glad I ordered before the great focbox draught.

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That’ll be believed once they arrive, and not a moment before :stuck_out_tongue:

I just received my shipping info for the 2 I ordered during black friday, looks like they’ll be at my house tomorrow.

Interested in one if you still have it.

I’m In Toronto.

SOLD 2, keeping the other 2 for a project, sorry!