Canada battery builders?

Anyone in Canada build battery packs? I don’t really trust myself to put one together and I was wondering if anyone could make a 10S2P outta these with a 60A BMS and a switch.

I’d be interested too for future batteries. I guess you like those for the higher current draw? Space is an issue?

I know @landonkun had a battery made. But I’m not sure if the person still does that or if it was a favour.

Yeah, I wouldn’t advertise the fact that I can have them built (as I don’t want people to think it’s a business), but I don’t mind helping out people here and there :slight_smile:

@NickTheDude send me a pm and we can talk details if you want.


If you’re close to vancouver i can probs hook you up too

It’s not that space is an issue, just that I like to keep things as small and light as possible and I really don’t need much range. It opens the door to using some of these high discharge/low capacity cells.

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Ya both of my boards are really heavy. I’ve been debating making my grocery getter much smaller and lighter. Like the riptide sort of… winter project. landonkun is a good guy. I’ve dealt with him and chatted many times.