[Canada] Used parts for sale

For sale:

motor- SOLD mount- SOLD trucks- SOLD wheels- SOLD remote- HK GT2B (hobbyking, 10/10) pulley- 36T to 15t 15mm with 1 * 255, 1* 265 belts (purchased from johnny_261)

None of the parts were used for more than 20 minutes.

Also included: cheap battery indicator from ebay, badwolf 3d printed case mod (print kind of sucked)-sold, flathead screws for motor (only came with countersunk screws…)-sold

pm me for prices

Thanks for viewing :smiley:

Hey man, what would you want for the motor mount, drive gear and the wheels? I live in the states.

I want to wait for few days to see i anyone wants to buy it in full before I decide to part it out. Sorry, but if I part it out I will let you know

I’m interested if you part out

Interested in mount and I live in canada

Will part out, Canadians will be given priority.

motor, wheels and mount sold

How much you want for the remote and the mould? I’m in edmonton.

how much is the truck?