🇨🇦Canadian Thread \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/

Hi, I found that there isn’t any Canadian Thread here so, I’m making one. Feel free to share anything~

To introduce myself: I live in Toronto and this is my board. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcJcce2q4bo

Nice man! I live in Ottawa and I’m starting to write down my project. Where did you get the parts? Online?

Lies! I started one back in November :stuck_out_tongue:


Although it’s more of a who’s where thread. We definitely need more part resources in Canada.

yeap mostly

Yeah I saw that too, but I wanted something other than just location. anyways thanks for joinning me

I bought ceramic bearings in aliexpress for $15 for 8 and they works great. I haven put on my board but … the tolerance isn’t so good tho some are louder, one is very tight sealing.