Cannot calculate max current regen

Hello pips, need help! I got two lipos 4500mAh 6s 40c in series, and also I use BMS ( I have 3 questions

  1. Will my batts regen because of BMS if I use discharging?
  2. What will be the max current regen?
  3. What is my batt max current? Might seems a stupid questions but I only started) Thanks
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What cells/lipos are you using?

I would set “battery max” at 45A and “battery min” at -13.5A

  1. yes
  2. I would limit it to about max 3C, or about 13.5A.
  3. The lower value will give you more range and your cells will last longer, but I’d try 40A or 45A

Thank you!

To clarify, that’s for a single motor. For dual motor, halve the “battery” numbers for each motor but don’t halve the “motor” numbers.

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