Can't achieve top speed... help!

The last bit of acceleration range on my remote won’t respond (if that makes sense). When i reach a certain point in turning the wheel on my remote from, the board just stops accelerating?:worried: It haven’t always been like this, it happend on my way to school one morning, at that time i just thought it was the low voltage starting. I have already calibrated my remote on the bldc tool and i get 100% Do anyone have any tips or solutions, it would be greatly appreciated :smile:

Can you rephrase? What do you mean it stops, you don’t have anymore power to accelerate more or you suddenly get a power cut?

Which is your remote. Post the link. To me: -It’s the actual max ERPM of your motor. -wrong calibration in the VESC tool. -in case you have two modes on the remote you did the calibration in the slow mode. -you hit some limits that you set at the vesc level.

Yea we gotta know a few more things before answers will start coming in!

First thing, what type of remote do you have? Maybe briefly run down your build.

And the question that @Vanarian asked was my first thought. Are you talking about something like a governor kicking on and you can’t go faster, or are you loosing acceleration when you push the stick further?

Yeah okay. When i reach the point on the wheel it just stays at the same speed, so it dosen’t increase the speed when i turn it even more. This is the remote i have!/eSk8-de-Micro-Remote-2-4GHz/p/68315132/category=15842017

My build sk3 6364 213 Kv 2x 4s 8000mAh lipos in series Torque Boards VESC

Here are my settings 53 59 12

yeh it is a winning remote. It should have double speed setting on the side. to me as I said either you hit a limit on your setting. You simple reach the max speed is a 8s build. Or you did the signal mapping with the slow mode selected. Try to sort these hypothesis first.

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Ah i maybe think you are right about the two settings on the remote, will try that tomorrow :+1: Thanks mate

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About how fast are you going when you run into this issue?

26-28 km/h But i have easily achieved 34km/h and that wasn’t full speed.

So you hit 34km/h on this same board? Has anything changed since you did that? Something had to have been different if there is almost a 10km/h drop off.

That is the weird thing, i just happen’d when i was riding to school. But i did replace the vesc with another one, but i am back to the old one again. Can you see anything wrong with my settings?

I’m still trying to learn the VESC settings/troubleshooting stuff right now. Someone else will have to give you some more accurate info.

From what I see, it doesn’t seem bad.

Was it a TB to TB VESC direct swap?

no it was TB to