Can't detect motor with Focbox


I built a DIY Boostedboard clone and it worked prefect for the last couple weeks. Setup includes:

  • 2x Focbox
  • dual 6354 motors
  • 10S4P battery with Samsung 30Q cells

The other day, on my way to work, my board started to kick me off the board when I was accelerating, and sometimes even at low speeds. It just stopped me off with full braking, motor was acting like it’s twitching. I forgot to mention - on the very first day I built the board I accidentally caused a little short in the motor. I opened it and fixed it immediately before initial riding.

So I opened the motor again as I was thinking there’s a short in the motor again, and saw a little wire out of place, I opened the motor, soldered and everything is good to go.

After fixing the motor I was trying to detect the motor via BLDC tool and it’s twitching so hard, not spinning at all. I receive ABS_OVER_CURRENT fault code. I tried a another working motor I have and same happen. What could cause it? How can I tell if maybe the DRV8302 is dead and need to be replaced?

Forgot to mention that with the other Focbox I’m able to detect the motor.

Here are my settings: Motor%20settings

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I think you have to adjust your BLDC settings according to your setup. This error occurs when there is settings messed up

These are the same settings I was using for the last 2-3 weeks. What could be wrong with them? Should I lower/raise any value?

I suggest you to return to the default values first and give it a try

I did try that, didn’t solve it. Unless I missed a tab which I didn’t hit read default conf. and then write. I’ll verify it tomorrow.

I hope you will get it sorted soon

sometimes it wont pass bldc detection but will foc. and then ive found can run the motor even without passing either if it’s still a smooth run when trying to do the tests. sometimes the bearings are too tight or something at first.

edit: when i shorted my motor wire last time i had to send for the repair. see if other focbox works if not u need repair

Watching you Video… there one phase that doesn’t work, it is most likely to be a blown mosfet, or a broken gate resistor.