Can't find FOCBOX IRF7749L2TR1PBF mosfets anywhere

So I’ve blown up my lovely focbox, and I figured I’d at least try to repair it, but I can’t find anywhere with the mosfets in stock? is there a compatible alternate or does anyone have any supplier suggestions?

I am in the UK I’ve tried RS-electronics, farnell,, mouser, digikey

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The part is obsolete - you can usually find a drop-in replacement by either querying the vendor or the manufacturer. In this case PXSS and I both came up with the same replacement part.

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Its not obsolete. The x1000 reel is. The 4000 reel option is still alive and well.

THeres an automotive direct fet that can be used afaik check the @bimmer @stewii vesc6 threads

Hi Jakeii

If you’ve ordered it from Enertion boards then you have two option 1: If your order is under warranty, you will get a replacement. 2: If your order is out of warranty, you can simply purchase the Plat. Warranty to get repair/replacement.

Please contact Enertion support via email or Live Chat anytime for more details :slight_smile:

Do you have focboxes in stock to replace broken ones? Does this mean that you have them in stock to send out to your customers?

HI Bigben

We will be getting them within a week as per the instructions from the production team :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info, but I think purchasing the warranty plus postage will be close to the cost of a new one.


If you have ordered originally from Enertion then you just need to purchase the warranty which will charge you only USD80.88 and provide you support for 1 year. there is no postage I guess. Check out here:

@CarlCollins Well it’d cost me £10-20 to post, and then is postage back included in the warranty?


Yeah, it includes postage. (excluding customs charges, you may or may not face them)

@CarlCollins just spotted on that link "“does not cover shipping charges of replacement”

Hi Jakeii

The shipping charges mentioned in the video is extra shipping or the return shipping charges of the faulty unit.

Thanks I’ll probably be doing this then!