Cant get Flipsky VX2 remote to control FocBox Unity+?

I am having an issue with the Flipsky VX2 remote. I have a FocBox Unity+ and I find the remote cannot control the skateboard. Pressing the acc/ dec radial button does nothing to control the ESC. I have successfully paired the remote to the FocBox. It shows a solid blue light on the Bluetooth receiver and the remote indicates full strength signal. If I turn the tires by hand, the speed indicator updates to reflect that the wheels are being turned. But for whatever reason I just cant get the wheels to turn with the remote. I went through the settings in the remote and I correctly set everything. The only thing odd I noticed is if I set the remote mode to FOCBOX, nothing works, not even the speed indicator. However, if I set it to FSESC, at least the skateboard battery indicator and speed indictor function correctly, so I have left it set to FSESC.

For some reason, the vx2 remotes doesn’t fully function on the unity unless you’ve set your unity to UART. And unfortunately, the app can also be the reason that it doesn’t work well.

This doesn’t matter if I’m honest. I have a hoyt and it pairs fine without having the ability to move the motors until I set it up. You basically just paired up the signal from the receiver to the remote. It needs to be set up in the app.

I know very little about the unity app however since I use vesc tools.

I dident use the unity app, I used the VSEC computer app straight from the VSEC website. I did set it to UART which is the default on the app.

Do you know if this issue exists on the StormCore60D+? Honestly, I have had a lot of trouble with the Unity and I think mine is a brick as I cant even get it to turn on anymore. I might just try the 60D instead.

What Firmware (FW##) is your Unity running, and did you use the VESC setup wizard?

PWM/ppm and uart if you’re using the vesc tool app. No issues with the stormcore 60D so if you’re gonna get that instead, good choice.

On an aside, does anyone know if I can change the motor amps from the wizard screen? I ran the wizard and it said 65A for my motors. However, they are 6384s rated for 95A each. So can I just change it to 95A instead? I have an 12s8P so no problem with battery power.

As long as the esc can push the amps for it, No issues. If it can’t, don’t do it. It’ll have issues.