Capacitor Fried?

Hi I was riding to school a few days ago and when i drove over a little edge my board cut out, when i opened up my enclosure i could here popping, like electrical sparking from the capacitors on my vesc. I got home and cut the heatshrink of, when i powered the board on again i could see sparks going from this solder joint to the middel capacitor (see picture).


Is this just a loose connection, are the capacitor fried, do i need to replace it and can i replace it? My enclosure is a little small so i might think that it has bent and been a little rough one the vesc’s components

Please help me, i want to ride to school again soon :tired_face:

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You can replace the capacitor.

The pin coming off the capacitor either broke the weld, which you could resolder. Or it broke at the base of the cap. If that’s the case you can just replace it.

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Thank god, so is there a chance that the capacitor got fried?

And also where do i get a new one without waiting 24 weeks for it?

Just resolder the blob, and other blobs to make sure, so it doesn’t touch the cap anymore, and measure the capacitance or resistance, anf if it gives something else than short, you are good to go. And for a replacement, any cap with enough voltage and capacitance will do. It doesn’t need to be low ESR. You can find them even on broken devices.