Capacitor instead of spark loop key?

I don’t have much experience with reading schematics, but would a system as outlined here be sufficient to stop sparking? Or why not? I’m not a huge fan of having a vital removable piece that can get lost… Thank you!

As far as I’m aware an anti-spark key is just a resistor.

This would work, but you have to calculate the resistor value to keep the VESC on all the time or it would not work, and by that you would constantly drain the battery

Basically to not have a spark the potential of both sides of the plug must be almost the same

Another way would be to have a momentary push button that engages the spark suppression a few seconds before you turn of the main switch, you don’t even need the capacitor

But you still would need a XT60 or something like that to serve as primary current path

Basically this design complicates things compared with a XT60 antispark or an electronic anti spark


So what would a pushbutton system look like? And would it be damaged if you turned the system on without pushing the button? Also, what is the order of operations of the spark key, what I mean is, when do you put it in/take it out? And thank you!

The problem I found when trying to create a simple anti spark system using a resistor on a 12s system is that if the resistor was completing the circuit for more than a second, it started overheating.

Like this you mean?

A two switch switch :yum:

im not realy experienced with electronics either but i think the problem is not realy the spark, but rather the high current. the resistor would help preventing the spark, but the switch would just melt in the process.


Exactly. You will still need a switch rated for tens of amps. Preferably also up to 56V. That sounds big

This is what I use. Don’t know amp rating, but no problems yet.


That thing won’t do. It doesn’t have a nice led

No, but it has a built in movie theater and a bar.


Yeah you got me there.

I’m pretty sure that switch could fit a couple of trucks motors vesc… and make it rideable

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yeah. That’s not an esk8, that’s a motorized switch.

Anything flat with trucks and motors is an esk8



2 flat boxes with /monster/ trucks and motors. Esk8s?

Not sure about the pushbutton part of your question but the easiest way I use the loop key is to use an xt-90 like:

I place one of these on the positive cable between the battery and esc. I put it in before I ride and remove after. Bonus points if it’s attached to one of these:

Regardless, if you’re still into the switch idea, check out this thread: Sounds kind of like what you’re looking for.

I would certainly ride that… up for sale?

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Depends, most people say they never damaged an ESC/VESC by spark, you see people running airplanes at 14S without anti spark, but you do erode the connector overtime

The best approach is or use an electronic anti spark ou a XT90S that has the anti spark resistor built in. I prefer the electronic one since it looks more clean and professional


What kind of specs should I use for this resistor? Would I also use a resistor in a loop-key setup, and would it be the same size as this one?