Carbon Board EVO Spirit ( same has haloboard)

Hi, I’m selling boards from EVO Spirit. It’s the same board as the Haloboard) Both board are brand new.

The first one is the LBC V1 (in mat finish on the pictures) it has a 10S 7AH lipo battery and 2x1200 watts of hub motor,

52590260_2552663324805019_3593247580605120512_n 51933246_770116033369474_2349519566733836288_n%20(1) 52151440_390710278163598_1736633974182117376_n%20(1) 52144359_376039753222198_8243200177091903488_n%20(1)

and the second model is the LBC V2 wich as revisited motor and ESC, the batteries is 10S 7Ah in li-ion and 2x 1500 Watts hub motor.

52451562_305634926689105_3640452715751931904_n 51899499_2234989840116828_3596736756201816064_n 51844985_834475756894008_7869374817877622784_n

The V1 is at 600 € and the V2 700€, the cost doesn’t include shipping (shipping worlwide)

Feel free to ask me any uestion about these board :slight_smile:

Cheers and ride safe :wink:

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Would you have any idea what model the hub motors are? Like do they have any identification that would indicate the manufacturer/where they were sourced from?

Hey sorry for the Late answer but no i have no idea, all i know is that this board is the exact same board than HALOBOARD :slight_smile:

And by the way i still have some board to sell so let me know if your interested, I uptated the prices !


V1 is now 450 € and V2 is at 550€, both with updated batteries (10S12AH)

up :slight_smile:

Where do you live?

He lives in Paris

Hey ! Yes i’m From Paris but I can ship outside of France :slight_smile:

@Tinties what is top speed and range

Hey sorry for delay I just saw you message, I don’t think you’ll still be interested but to answer : On the base setup its 30KM/H / 20Km but I also do custom upgrade of battery / VESC and motor and the one I’m riding is going up to 45Km/h and for more than 30Km :slight_smile: I still have 5 boards in stock so this topic is still up to date :slight_smile: