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Carbon Fiber Deck

Good day people,

just want to check around regarding Carbon fiber decks. I noticed that some uses the foam as a mould to create their carbon fiber deck, and since the foam is used as a mould, i suppose the center of the carbon fiber deck is hollow?

if so, how does the carbon fiber hollowed deck able to withstand a human’s weight on it without any proper structural support.

if the foam is used as a a core with wood pieces placed at either ends for the mounting of trucks, how will the foam core provide structural support?

or will the carbon fiber that is moulded using the foam will then be flipped around and start to lay more carbon fiber layers till desired thickness?

it will largely depend on the design. A fully encapsulated board with the right amount of rigidity should be fine if hollow. (i have a marbel - which is exactly this).

I also have a project in the works w/ a hybrid wood/CF/foam that i need to wrap in CF and will hollow out for electronics. Foam core for lightness - will not melt it out, simply just cut out/hollow as needed.

laminates/layers = strength (and weight). Are you a big guy and need something really beefy? Do you want it to flex/bend or be rigid? Even layup directions and materials used start to make a huge difference.


The idea is simple. If your not using foam, you need at least a few layers that by itself, stays rigid, as a foundation. On my board, since I used large 2 cm thick pieces of wood, that meant 1 solid 2 cm piece of wood. I know using carbon fiber in thin layers, I could get this “base” down to a few thin layers. Then, you build your hollowed out layers on top of the solid “base” layers.

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yea, im considering on making my own CF deck in the near future. partially for a gift for my brother.

am looking for more rigidity and also that my brother is pretty big size. i do know that we can criss-cross layers of CF to create a stronger and tougher laminate. similar concept to plywood.

sounds like a good idea with some wood as core. i’ll see if i will be able to get my friend’s workshop vacant for a couple of days.