Carbon fiber enclosure... HELP!

Help! I’m going to order

> this

carbon fiber kit off of ebay and do the ghetto vacuum bagging trick, but I dont have any money for peel ply or breather. Do i really need them?

Get some cheap polyester fabric from walmart for the breather. I’m assuming (ply press) means peel ply… for that you can use nylon fabric from walmart or a cheap hair care wax (sportin waves) instead.

Breather is important so air gets sucked out evenly. Peel ply is importand so the carbon doesn’t stick to the mold.

Oh yea oops on the typo… don’t know how that happened :joy: Anyway, thanks for the tips. Also, I should cover my mold and board in certain wrap right? And the layering should go: Mold Plastic wrap Carbon fiber layers Peel ply Breather Vacuum bag

Correct me if I’m wrong please :joy: