Carbon Fiber Enclosure

Hi all,

I am hoping I can have someone from this forum make me a carbon fiber enclosure like Master Cho use to make. I’m located in US East Coast, I finished my build, and really want my enclosure to be clean and compliment my build I’ll will post a pic of the enclosure style Master Cho made.

I reached out to Master Cho and he informed me he no longer offer enclosures.

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@SENDER can skin enclosures


i have an extra small master cho enclosure i can send you if that’s what you want. Still new


I like your style. I wish i could get my hands on another one myself. Favorite enclosure so far.



Here’s pics of the Carbon Fiber style I’m interested in. The Honeycomb design, with the shape of the second pic. @Jinra, I need the case to cover 19x6x2 inches.IMG_5588 42)


Mine is 13.5" x 8"

What deck is it for?

@Jinra that would only fit my battery.IMG_20190426_172549IMG_20190426_172847

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The enclosure was made for a 10s2p, but the unity is pretty chunky. You might be able to make it work if you’re good at cable management and organization.

I literally had one for sale a week ago for 50$🤦🏻‍♂️

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you got scammed for selling it for 50$

@iamasalmon, you see, a gift, thing is worth so much more then I sold it for

This deck is generic purchased on Amazon. I’ve seen a few used on builds here in the forum.

Hopefully your deck is wood, because carbon fiber blocks airwaves for the remote.

Deck is Wood. Hoyt Puck remote and receiver.

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Haha, that’s why it took me a whole 20seconds to claim it. But it had a bunch of holes in it, so we’re even :joy:

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I guess, hahha

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Even through trampa deck?

If it’s carbon fiber. I don’t have one, so I don’t know. It might be fiberglass made to look like carbon fiber. :grey_question:

Trampa mtb are resin