Carbon Fiber Truck


Anyone has used a carbon fiber truck? Found this in Alibaba

I have a couple of questions as well

  1. Why does the cut uneven on the right side where the motor will be mounted?
  2. will it be dangerous since carbon fiber is brittle? (or is CF really brittle?)

I think… the people on alibaba who listed it meant carbon mount. This truck does not look like carbon to me and nobody is dumb enough to make a carbon product and then paint it black - carbon looks too cool!

Well based on the pictures from the website, they are 2 completely different trucks. One of which looks like faux carbon fiber and the other, metal painted black. I would be careful buying things from alibaba, unless a few people have verified the seller. And this part is sketching me out lol

(Hanger material: Carbon fiber + steel axel Surface: Painting to black glossy or 3k twill surface)

@anorak234 Is right, carbon fiber looks cool. There is no reason to paint over it. Looks like normal metal to me…

I think it’s just bad wording on the site.

The motor mount itself is carbon fibre, the truck is steel either painted black or with an aesthetic carbon fibre overlay.