Carbon Fiber Vacuum Bagging: Looking for some advice!

So I got finally the time to try some vacuum bagging. I read a ton of threads and watch a lot of videos about it but I think it is one of those things you need to do by yourself to learn something.

So I started with 3 layers of glass (200g) because I don’t wanted to waste the expensive carbon.

And this came out of it:

I have some mixed feelings about the result, I think for the first try it is quite nice, the enclosure follows nicely the shape of the vanguard and the fitting of the battery is nearly perfect. But I have some ugly deformations around the corners.

So my question is what should I do, is there a way to get rid of them, maybe sanding is a way because I would add two layers of carbon fiber anyway. Or take it as a trial and make a new one. Btw Is there any good method to cut this material, I did some rough cutting with a jigsaw but I don´t think it is a good way to do the exact dimensions.

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Really good results! Much better than my :open_mouth: Try cutting corners of the used cloth…I mean if you make cut from the corner leading to the center of certain length, it will be easier to form and you will get better results in the corners :slight_smile:

Or using female mold with gelcoat could give you some really nice results :slight_smile:

Ya it looks really good. You could use resin and add little pieces of cloth to the inside of the corners so they stay strong then sand away the uglies on the outside. Use some filler and paint and done. It’s gonna face thw ground anyway. I used fibreglass mat to form my enclosure. Then added cloth on top. No vacuum. I only added carbon around the mounting lip so it wouldn’t Crack. In the end for all the trouble and cost there are members here who are awesome at making and selling enclosures. Feel good to make your own though.

Guys, thank you for your input. I’ll will add some glass underneath those ugly deformations and sand it a little bid down. After that I’ll add 2 layers of Carbon Fiber for the looks. Pictures will follow.

But still Ím looking for a good method to cut it accurately.

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looks nice - I would be happy with that.

Cut into the corners of the bottom layers like a 45 or even 30 degree angle - less cloth then to bunch up. Final layer don’t cut obviously.