Carbon Fiber vs Maple Decks

What makes a carbon fiber deck less comfortable to ride?

stiffer ride

What if you have a flexy CF deck and stiff maple deck?

cf, by nature super stiff. which is why used in f1 racing a lot. they crack quite good too cuz of that. maple cant never be stiffer than cf

however if u talking about trampa board style, one that has arch, it would be more comportable since they are designed to be like a suspension

I mean, theres the arc aileron deck, which is both CF and flexy

people use maple cuz they are cheep easy to make and enough flex for any kind of ride. it really depends on style or shape of the board.

Carbon can be flexible, it all depends on tthe core, if you build carbon fiber boardwith foam core, it wil be stiff, if you build it around thin bamboo veener it will be flexible…basicly the stiffnes depends on how many layers you use and distance between layers (aka thickness of core material)…Its a little bit more complicated, ths is just a summary :slight_smile:

Wood has vibration dampening characteristics, but carbon doesnt. If you have carbon fiber longboard with foam core, it will be stiff and you will feel every small roughness under your wheels (also depends on your wheels and trucks) but flexy carbon longboard with wood core will be much more comfortable for riding :slight_smile:

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Not sure about ARC decks and what technology do they use, but I think their decks are made just out of carbon fiber, so they are thin and flexible :slight_smile:

I have a white wave it is bamboo and maple. the maple does not flex enough and I hear cracking occasionally a better mix is fiber glass and bamboo or with carbon fiber

yes he is right it can be made to any stiffness or flex depending on the amount of layer what they are made of and if it is built of a core

I never cracked maple under regular use. Mine are 8layers to 9,layers so very stiff. Only maple cracks in longboard I saw was drop through with 7-8layers. Prob due to esk8 is a lot heavier and the stress point is not built for that. Even BB occasionally break thin part of loaded. They arnt just built for that. Personally I don’t like flexible deck but granted composite deck is different kind. I tried tramp a and new BB Stealth but not extensively. My opinion on composite is they are good it is just hard to get the right one on good price point. I think I really have to use for at least a wk to make the decision.

you can make something stiff or flexible with carbon depending on how you do it… there’s pretty much always a core in carbon but what that core is can be foam or wood or anything. I sell a carbon deck here on this site with a wood AND carbon core.