Carbon GT AT or DIY AT?

Hello guys,

I thought of building an AT board DIY, but there are too many options to choose from and it would be my first DIY build.

I know someone selling a Carbon GT with AT wheels for AUD 1100, and i also have a battery upgrade 10S4P build for the Carbon GT to put in.

Is it worth it? I heard there are problems with the motors of the evolves and need to be replaced after a while…

Any of you who has a Carbon GT please leave your inputs if you would buy at this price, and how it performs off road.


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I recently built an diy evolve type board that you can check out here-


whereabouts in aus are ya? I’m in Sydney g

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In Sydney aswell mate :slight_smile:

I already have a Raptor 2, but want an AT board for some fun…

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If you want to do off road then you need a different type of board.

Something like a Trampa with bindings.


I would love a Trampa man, but the cost is a bit too much…

Cant put bindings on a Carbon GT can i?

evolve boards are a huge letdown imo. it would be cheaper and better to build one.


I believe you should read through this post thoroughly before going the DIY route.


Read this.

It has all been discussed before.


Haha Taz. Trying to get some value out of that mess :wink:

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Will read for sure mate, i have read the False Economy article.

Reason i thought of Carbon AT is its already built, and a DIY would take me months of research as i am very new to Esk8… there are so many brands

I am good with the electronic bit of it though.

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I have read that before mate, and i know there are problems with the remote and voltage sag.

I guess i will wait and just go the DIY route then, as i already have a 10S4P 30 q pack waiting to be used.

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@eskate444 you got Instagram? Go ask/message Justin Yee for the most accurate opinion on the Evolve CGT with battery upgrade since he rides one pretty much exclusively (besides his Super 73). Asking here, you get a lot of biased opinions from strictly DIY people who can build faster, cheaper, better boards so we usually tell you not to get an Evolve and to build from the ground up…which you should :wink:



Good starter for a build the evolves. They make a great tuning platform. To make them good you need to ditch the battery remote and esc but the battery is the most important. You already have a new battery so I say go for it and think about chucking a unity in there at some point. They are quite possibly the simplest pre built on the market with sketchy components from the factory. Upgrade the crap and you have a great board.

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Metroboard is a much better starter build than an Evolve.

Try finding one for the price hes getting this evolve. Its the best option for where he is right now.

Take your time and build a trampaboard or similar…you can get parts on here if you have the patients. I have some part s coming up soon

let me know man, pm me if you are selling any :slight_smile:

I’m in Perth WA

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I actually like the Evolve. A couple of friends have them and for the price you guys can get them they are more than decent boards especially after a battery upgrade.

With the right tires they are also able to go off road on mild trails.

What I and others are saying is that, as long as you can put in the time and extra money, a DIY will be far more capable. Especially since we are discussing off road and Evolve boards are not mountainboards no matter how you look at it.

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